Sykkuno recently made the significant switch from Twitch in May 2022, and his career on YouTube Gaming has since taken off like a rocket. Sykkuno of Among Us fame recently revealed his channel’s statistics during a recent livestream, showcasing just how popular his YouTube adventures are among fans after only two months on the red streaming platform.

In May 2022, Sykkuno signed an exclusive contract with the Google-owned platform as part of his streaming career and made the widely publicized switch, losing more than 4 million Twitch followers in the process. The streaming star has experienced significant increases in his viewership numbers ever since his move, and within a month, he even broke some of his old records.

Before starting the main portion of his livestream on July 19, 2022, Sykkuno was seen interacting with his viewers. The former Twitch star decided to look up his most recent month’s statistics in between entertaining viewers, but he was initially a little perplexed because he wasn’t able to fully understand it.

After spending some time with it and becoming familiar with how it operates, the streaming sensation unexpectedly compared his stats to those of PewDiePie‘s channel. With a staggering 111 million subscribers, PewDiePie currently has the highest subscriber count of any individual channel on the red platform. attempting to comprehend the somewhat complicated statistics that are there, highlighting the low average number of video views even more. Moving on to the statistics streaming section, the American streamer appeared to be very enthusiastic about it.

The bizarre comparison between Sykkuno’s and PewDiePie’s streaming statistics, however, captured the interest of viewers. Although there is a significant difference in the number of subscribers, Thomas appears to be ahead in the streaming competition.

This is primarily due to PewDiePie’s lack of commitment to streaming, with his content typically focusing more on typical YouTube vlogs. Instead of livestreams, PewDiePie’s regular uploads are where he gets the majority of his views, and comparisons between the two quickly. 

Based on his subscriber count, which is significantly higher than Sykkuno’s, PewDiePie statistics are used. Naturally, with such a large disparity, Sykkuno’s 14k average viewer record is high compared to his subscriber count, while PewDiePie’s average viewer is low.

For a content creator, keeping track of the channel’s statistical performance is extremely important. Such statistical data are only provided to help creators more easily assess growth and then develop strategies in response.

Many of Twitch’s most well-known talent have left the platform in recent months to join its main rival, YouTube, as a result of the ongoing battle between the two most significant streaming platforms on the internet.

Twitch has already lost a significant number of its top-tier creators, starting with the widely reported ban of legendary streamer Dr. Disrespect and moving on to the most popular creator on the platform, Ludwig.

Just in June and July, three significant creators—Sykkuno, Myth, and LilyPichu—left the purple platform. However, the platform is expected to lose a lot more users in the near future in search of better offers.