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Among Us is a One-Night Ultimate Werewolf-style game for 4 -10 players that was originally released in June 15, 2018. Before the game starts, 1 -3 players, depending on the size of the group, are randomly selected to be Imposters who are tasked with either killing off the real Crewmates until they are equal in number to the real Crewmates, or of sabotaging the tasks of the real Crewmates until they fail to meet their deadlines. The Crewmates, on the other hand, are given a series of tasks to complete in order to win the game, but they must complete these within a certain amount of time. Alternatively, they can win by correctly identifying and expelling all of the Imposters.

Whenever a body is discovered, any player, whether Crewmate or Imposter can report it, which postpones all other gameplay and summons all surviving members to the group meeting room where they discuss the events leading up to Crewmates death, and then vote on who they think the Imposter is. They can also abstain from voting. It is possible to evict a real Crewmate from the ship.

Although Ghosts can continue to perform and sabotage tasks, they cannot communicate with the living. However, they can communicate with each other. Crewmates can also use security footage from certain locations to help them in their decision making.