When a viewer spotted a video of Shroud roasting xQc while Summit1g was streaming Overwatch 2, the streamer decided to join in the fun himself.

Since the release of Overwatch 2, a ton of broadcasters have returned to the series to try out all the new features. One of the well-known figures who decided to try it was Shroud, and as you might anticipate, it didn’t take him long to become competent at it. He has, however, experienced a few fits of rage since returning, and in one of them, he called Winston “an xQc-aiming” Hero after dying to the big guy. 

Here is what Summit had to say about Shroud’s response and his friend’s pleasant roasting of xQc after someone later flagged the video for him. Summit simply laughed at the video, as is customary for any good roasting, before supporting his friend and pleading with Blizzard. He said, “Yeah, f**k that xQc-aim *** character. And Moira, little padawan of Winston’s dumb***. Stop putting characters in the game that get free shots.”

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that this team would oppose any character who essentially has auto-aim. They are two of the most skilled and accurate players in the entire world, so it must be disheartening to have that edge eliminated by a laser beam that automatically tracks its targets. In terms of this line of reasoning as well, they are just two voices in the crowd. The idea that characters other than healers shouldn’t have this form of auto-aim at all is becoming more and more popular in the community. 

Although Blizzard appears satisfied with the game’s current form, it will be interesting to see how they manage these kinds of heroes in the future.