TommyInnit recently discussed how someone at TwitchCon 2022 had bullied and harassed him and his viewers. At his meet-and-greet, he brought up the incident and lashed out at the actions. He expressed regret to his followers and said that what happened was wholly unacceptable.

At TwitchCon 2022 in Amsterdam, TommyInnit and many other well-known Minecraft streamers were present. The appearance of Minecraft streamers like WilburSoot, Ph1LzA, Tubbo, Jack Manifold, Ranboo, and many more caused a great deal of excitement.

These streamers were attached to numerous panels throughout the event. One of them was a meet-and-greet where followers could speak with their preferred streamers in person. Someone there began to intimidate and harass other fans. TommyInnit was incensed when he learned about it after the meet and greet, and he vented his anger in a recent stream.

TommyInnit welcomed his viewers to his most recent stream and then talked about how amazing TwitchCon 2022 and the entire trip were. In order to discuss this important matter, he soon changed his streaming configuration and turned off the stream chat and donation notifications. He began by addressing the bully and how they started upsetting the fans waiting in line to meet him.

The Minecraft streamer expressed regret for not being aware of the incident at the time and only finding out about it later. Tommy even discussed the incident with the TwitchCon hosts and security. Even though the event coordinators wanted Tommy to be safe, he was more upset that his fans weren’t given more attention. Tommy anticipates tighter security at the upcoming TwitchCon, which will take place in San Diego.

He described how the bully was yelling at his fans and how this behavior was not at all acceptable. He expressed his sincere rage at the fan accosting other spectators. He attempted to message everyone impacted by the incident after speaking with the event staff and apologized. 

After the incident, the streamer felt the need to address this behavior on his own stream. He sternly cautioned everyone, emphasizing that this is unacceptable everywhere, not just at conferences like TwitchCon. He also described how, while attempting to fit in, he was bullied at school. Later, he urged viewers to ignore bullies who try to bring them down and to remain passionate about anything that makes them happy.

Thousands of followers flocked to the video’s comment section to praise the way the Minecraft streamer handled the predicament and addressed it live. They talked about how he cares about his fans because, when he found out about the incident, he tried to apologize right away.