On January 30, popular internet personality Bradley Martyn and Twitch sensation Hasan “HasanAbi” got together.

Natural bodybuilding and exercise came up during the broadcast, with the former questioning the latter about his opinions about Twitch sensation Tyler “Tyler1’s” physique. The League of Legends livestream was praised by Bradley Martyn, who also referred to him as “dope.” The political commentator offered his opinions on Tyler after viewing a few videos of him exercising and lifting weights, saying: “He is a freak. He is a behemoth. He is a genuinely impressive human being.”

Bradley Martyn was questioned by HasanAbi during the first several hours of his program on January 30 about whether Tyler1 was “natty or not.” In the case of natural bodybuilding, which excludes the usage of steroids, “natty” is gym slang for the word “natural.” 

The political analyst showed a clip of Tyler1 successfully performing a 550-pound deadlift. Bradley Martyn was impressed after seeing this and described the League of Legends streamer as a “strong person.” Hasan answered: “Oh, is he strong? Yeah, no s**t, dude! He’s f***king deadlifting 550 pounds! That’s a lot of weight!”

A short while later, the Turkish-American celebrity discussed his exercise regimen in detail and said that he had never established a PR (personal record) for himself. He clarified: “I’ve never done like, I’ve never done one-hit; like, I’ve never done PRs, ever in my entire history of lifting. I’ve never done PRs. I just… I’m scared. I’ll admit it. Like, I think it’s silly that I’m not looking at f***king, I’m not a professional weightlifter. It’s not my job and I feel like it’s silly to try and see your PR. Like, I’d rather do, I’ve always gone for as many reps as I can.”

Then, a viewer uploaded a clip of Tyler1 doing a “max lift” live on the Power Meet 3 feed. When Bradley Martyn questioned Tyler about if he “just works out and plays video games,” HasanAbi responded: “Yeah, that’s all he does. And it’s additionally impressive because of like… how much dedication is required for both, looking like this and being this strong. While also simultaneously being one of, like, he’s so good at League of Legends, too!”

Tyler1 was recognized by another player as having attained Challenger status in every role in League of Legends. Hasan continued: “Like, he’s one of the best on the planet in every role in League of Legends. Which is like…”