Shroud‘s inclusion in the SentinelsValorant roster stunned the gaming community not long ago, but that wasn’t the issue. The well-known eSports organization tweeted that Pokimane would be joining them as a Valorant analyst. The process was halted for some reason, and according to the most recent announcement, Pokimane will not be joining the Sentinels.

The Regional Challengers of VCT 2022 have been difficult for the Sentinels in the past. It didn’t even seem like they would have a spot at the LCQ until Ghost Gaming bowed out of contention. The Sentinels have been working to improve their game as they approach their final opportunity to join the elite Valorant Champions Tour.

The Sentinels Valorant roster now has a wealth of competitive experience to draw from thanks to Shroud’s acquisition. They only required an analyst. It appeared that the Sentinels intended to use Pokimane as their Valor analyst during their trip to VCT 2022. The Twitch star also launched a vicious jab at the Sentinels as they announced their choice to forego working with Pokimane, humiliating them.

In a tweet, The Sentinels informed their followers about Pokimane’s predicament. Intriguingly, Pokimane mocked the Sentinels’ performance in the current VCT by posting a picture of their win percentage and match results.

Everyone was perplexed by Pokimane’s response, including the Sentinels who questioned Pokimane about her preferred start date. Several streamers gasped in shock at Pokimane’s courageous response. Dapr of the Sentinels threatened not to renew his tier 3 Twitch channel subscription to Pokimane.

The Sentinels have been on a mission to surprise their supporters with new acquisitions. Pokimane’s arrival at Sentinels would have undoubtedly increased public awareness of the group.

Notably, the Sentinels currently have TenZ, Dapr, Shroud, Zellsis, SicK, and Kanpeki on their roster of active Valorant players. However, ShahZaM, TenZ, Dapr, Shroud, and Zellsis will make up the playing five for the VCT’s Last Chance Qualifiers. SicK is absent from the Last Chance Qualifiers due to a family emergency, and Kanpeki is not competing.