Fans can’t wait to watch the unique 2D art in action on Ironmouse’s Twitch channel after she revealed a brand-new look for her VTuber model on Twitter. Ironmouse is a VShojo star and virtual streamer.

Since the global pandemic, along with the majority of Twitch and YouTube, VTubing has experienced massive growth, and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. The VTubers who populate the space and choose to hide their faces by using virtual models in their videos and streams are the center of the genre.

To keep things interesting and engaging for viewers, it’s a common practice among many VTubers to occasionally replace an outdated model with a new one.

Ironmouse has announced that he will do just that in the near future, teaser fans with a brand-new model on Twitter. Ironmouse’s Tweet received a ton of enthusiastic fan responses from people eager to see the full look of her new model and outfit.

Ironmouse and her devoted followers are accustomed to new YouTube models since she frequently changed the appearance of her 2D art when she started streaming in 2017. Most of them anticipate seeing their favorite Twitch streamer in new outfits.