After streamers Dr Lupo and TimTheTatman made an announcement leaving twitch to move to the rival platform Youtube, the debate between two platforms has arisen and Youtuber Dr Disrespect recently weighed in stating that that choice is easy and it’s nowhere close.

Ever since getting permanently banned from Twitch last year, Dr Disrespect has been streaming on Youtube claiming that he doesn’t even know the reason behind his permanent ban. Then recently, he opens up about knowing the reason stating that he will be going to sue Twitch.

Doc’s friend and fellow streamer TimTheTatman together with Dr Lupo has recently announced their move to Youtube gaming resulting in the debate between the two platforms. People have started to wonder which platform is better to stream on nowadays. And Dr Disrespect weighed in on the pros and cons of YouTube and Twitch as streaming platforms.

During a recent stream where TimTheTatman made his big debut in the world of YouTube streaming and decided to join hands with his fellow streamers DrLupo, Dr DisRespect and CourageJD, Youtuber Dr DisRespect discussed one of the most raging topics in the streaming community that of Twitch versus YouTube, and he says there is a clear winner.

Upon reading the message in chat about YouTube being better than Twitch, Doc decided to speak his opinions stating; “From a functional standpoint, wrong. I think YouTube’s nowhere close. Number one, there’s no discoverability. Your algorithms… I mean, do I need to hire a scientist or something? When I shut down the stream, it seems everything just goes into a black hole.”

Dr Disrespect finished his explanation by saying that YouTube doesn’t plan to implement these changes in the near future. This isn’t the first time that the Doc has criticized YouTube, having pointed out in the past that the company was taking too long to roll out the clipping feature, one of Twitch’s popular tools.