Youtuber CoryxKenshin was visibly angry while he called out Youtube after he was hit with a channel strike and because of this, he announced that he won’t be uploading on his channel for a week.

Cory DeVante Williams aka CoryxKenshin, is an American gaming YouTuber. Fans refer to Cory as “THE SHOGUN HIMSELF” and he is currently based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States. He has now gained more than 10 million subscribers on his youtube channel. Back when his channel hit seven million subscribers, he announced that he will retire if his channel grows into 10 million.

Now that he gained 10 million subscribers, he said that he made a mistake and took back what he said previously. He uploaded a video informing his fans that he is not retiring and that he wants to continue being a “positive influence.” But then after making this announcement, CoryxKenshin revealed in his latest video that he has received a strike on his YouTube channel for violating community guidelines. He further revealed that YouTube claimed his ‘Try Not to Laugh’ video had violated “child safety”.

CoryxKenshin were visibly angry, calling out the platform explaining that they did not tell him clearly how the video had violated the community guidelines before taking it down. He also said he is yet to figure out what part of the video is so “utterly terrifying” that it led him to receive a strike.

Here’s what he stated; “All these years, all this time that I’ve put into your platform, I thought it would be worth a little bit of your respect. YouTube will not tell me why.” He then further added stating; “If I broke the rules, I broke the rules. Communicate, YouTube. COMMUNICATE before you HAND OUT STRIKES!”