After Hasan was banned for saying “cracker” on stream, Twitch received support from streamer xQc. The term is “trashy,” according to the former Overwatch pro, and it has no place on the platform.

Twitch sparked outrage when they banned Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker on December 13, 2021, for repeatedly using the term “cracker” on stream. The 30-year-old had claimed that the slur was not offensive.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel weighed in on the situation and expressed his displeasure with the former Young Turks member. The word is “unneeded,” according to the Canadian, and should not be used on the platform.

While this isn’t the first time xQc has weighed in on the “cracker” debate, the streamer went on a fiery rant during his December 13th broadcast after Hasan was banned for refusing to back down on his stance on the term.

xQc then defended Twitch for taking a stand on the term, claiming that people shouldn’t have to go there because it doesn’t get them anywhere and is pointless.

He also chastised people who are willing to go to extremes just to be able to say a word, and he ended his tirade by exclaiming, “How hard is it to understand how words make people feel uncomfortable and make them feel a lot of things, and that’s WHY they use them?” That is precisely why you employ them.

While xQc did not explicitly support the banning of Piker, he did state that he did not believe the word should be allowed on the platform. The “cracker” debate began on December 11th when Hasan referred to a Reddit user as a “dumb cracker b**ch” on air.