Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen, an Apex Legends pro player, has recently expressed his dissatisfaction with the Ranked queue bug, which prevents players from preparing for matches.

Apex Legends is, at its core, a competitive game, which means players want to get into a match as soon as possible. Rank queues, on the other hand, take significantly longer than casual encounters in order to build squads of equal ability levels. Lower-ranked players can usually find a game almost immediately, but as you climb the ladder, the lineups grow longer and longer.

Although highly competent players should expect this, a big problem is making the procedure unbearably frustrating. Despite pledges from the developers to fix the problem, people with long queue times continue to be affected, prompting Apex pro ImperialHal to express his anger during his recent live broadcast. 

When queuing for a match with a group, each member of the group must first ‘Ready’ themselves before the game may begin matching them up. If any player in the party cancels their ‘Ready’ in the middle of a queue, the queue will be reset. However, a strange glitch is causing players to cancel their ‘Ready’ status at random, seemingly out of nowhere. Highly ranked players are the ones that suffer the most from this, as they must queue for five to 10 minutes.

ImperialHal was constantly encountering the glitch during his September 28th live broadcast which caused him to lose a match position.

Because of this, he was irritated that Respawn had not yet rectified the glitch, describing the ‘Ready’ up procedure as a minigame in and of itself. He exclaimed; “Let’s go I love sitting in queue for 10 minutes playing a f***ing minigame where I’m just doing this [spam clicks ready up]”.

Respawn has publicly acknowledged the glitch and stated that a remedy would be released in an August patch, however the problem is still affecting players as we enter October. This is certainly a problem that Respawn is working to tackle, so let’s hope they find a solution and include it in a future patch.