Twitch streamer Emiru stunned fellow streamer Zarej when she raided her channel after finishing her broadcast, bringing thousands of new viewers to her channel and shocking her.

After finishing a broadcast, Twitch streamers can host another streamer’s channel on their page. Hosting has long been a popular strategy for bigger streamers to assist smaller ones in attracting more viewers to their live streams. When Emiru hosted her channel, she astonished a smaller streamer by rapidly increasing her viewership from the single digits to the thousands. 

On October 26, Emiru raided Zarej’s Twitch channel while streaming. Zarej was streaming Apex Legends to a small group of people before the host arrived. However, after the Emiru host arrived, the number of viewers soared to almost 10,000. Zarej was taken aback by the host, who paused her performance to confront the avalanche of new eyes on her.

Zarej exclaimed; “What’s happening? Wait. Oh My God!” As the new viewers flooded her channel, the new follower notification began to ring over and over again. Her friends she was on voice chat with tried to make sense of the moment and mentioned, “yeah, I think you just got raided.”

The streamer was so taken aback by Emiru’s huge host that she burst out laughing, unable to contain her joy and gratitude.