Following his return from Vegas, Facebook gaming streamer Jeremy Wang aka Disguised Toast took to Twitch for a relaxing stream. After he clapped back at a viewer who tried to backseat the streamer’s friendships, this rapidly became a viral moment. Toast made it apparent that he cares after his friends by exclaiming that Sykunno was “30 years old,” implying that the viewer should mind their own business. He then went on to discuss his journey and mentioned Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter’s involvement in the RFLCT controversy.

After returning from their long trip, Toast got right to streaming. Since he has a unique contract with Facebook Gaming, the streamer was only allowed to host a non-gaming stream on his Twitch account. When browsing through some of the comments on his stream, Toast saw one from an obviously concerned Sykkuno viewer who said; “Did you reach out to Sykkuno to make sure he got home safe from EDC?”

Because of this, Toast was taken aback by the question’s back-seat attitude and in response to this, he said; “He’s 30 f***ing years old, he can handle himself. I’m NOT his mother – and yes, I DID make sure, because I hugged him goodbye when he took an Uber home.”

After hearing his response, his chat broke into a fit of laughing. Others who noticed the chatter’s remark commented that his fans are “parasocial” and frequently baby him, whether on purpose or not. 

Furthermore on his stream, Toast then went on to criticize Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo for attempting to stop Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter from doing any more damage than she had already done during her recent controversial stream. Toast went on a small rant about how one might play “both sides” in the RFLCT issue.