The Streamer Awards came to a close last night, with Ludwig, a popular YouTuber, taking home the Streamer of the Year award. Many of Twitch’s top creators have congratulated the 26-year-old, and in some cases, have called out fans who claim the vote was “rigged” in his favor.

Following Ludwig’s Streamer of the Year win, fans and streamers alike flocked to his Twitter account to express their gratitude. Many more people showed up. Ludwig’s responses are full of encouragement, from YouTuber SmallAnt to fellow streamer JustaMinx.

Nonetheless, some fans believe xQc deserved to win Streamer of the Year, and some even believe Ludwig’s victory was “rigged.” Mizkif, a popular Twitch streamer, quickly defended Ludwig.

Ludwig had a fantastic 2021, earning him a nomination for and eventual win for Streamer of the Year. The former Twitch star set a new record for Twitch subscribers and laid the groundwork for the subathon, which many streamers have since attempted. In addition, the star signed a deal with YouTube to exclusively stream on the platform, and his YouTube videos have continued to grow in popularity.

While viewers will likely continue to argue over who should have won, Ludwig will take home the prize, and nothing they say will change that.