During a recent live broadcast, Twitch streamer and 100 Thieves content creator Hammoudi Abdalrhman aka Yassuo was recently left stunned after finding out that he forgot to mute his headset microphone.

Yassuo is primarily a League of Legends content creator and also plays games such as Valorant, Apex Legends, COD: Warzone, Teamfight Tactics and Among Us. He currently has 2 million followers on Twitch along with around 1.53 million subscribers on YouTube.

Over the past years, fans have already seen a lot of streamers making mistakes such as not muting themselves, forgetting to turn off their camera, or just completely forgetting that they’re broadcasting themselves to thousands of viewers. This is exactly what happened recently to twitch streamer Yassuo.

During his stream, he was casually playing League of Legends with his headset on and microphone on.

But then shortly after, it seems like he suddenly felt the need to go to the washroom. So, he stood up without knowing that his headset with a built-in microphone was with him. Because of this, his thousands of viewers could clearly hear him doing his business in the washroom. After a minute of awkwardness, Yassuo returned to his desk seeing that the chat was laughing at him. He then noticed he forgot to put his headset down before making a trip to the bathroom. Needless to say, the streamer was embarrassed and went on a surprise rant upon realizing what had happened.

He exclaimed; “Why are you guys laughing? Ohh my god you guys could hear me. Oh my god you can hear me. Oh my god you could hear my piss I forgot I had a headset on. Ahh, so awkward. That’s so awkward dude, I am sorry. Hey, at least you guys could hear the water fountain, you know I washed my hands. I am no bum-a** m*****f***er!”

It was obvious that Yassuo was embarrassed as he went on to claim he was hygienic enough to wash his hands after using the washroom. The streamer’s chat found the incident quite hilarious and went on to make jokes about the situation. Regardless, he was quick to shake off the incident and continued to stream.