100 Thieves Streamers

The 100 Thieves team was founded by Nadeshot in late 2017. He based the name on the principle that, ‘when you look at life, it’s not easy… It’s a series of ups and downs, a series of obstacles and challenges that you need to overcome yourself. There are no shortcuts. There’s nothing in life that’s just going to be handed to you on a silver platter. You need to… wake up every single day and know that you’re going to have to take what’s not given to you. I think for me, that’s what the definition of a ‘thief’ is.’

He was inspired to create the organization after going through depression the couple of years following his departure from OpTic in mid-2016. The shift came when he hears about the formation of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) set for 2018, and decided that he wanted to form a team to be part of it. He managed to sign on Drake, Sooter Braun and Dan Gilbert, which helped him to raise the necessary funds to form a partnership with the LCS before the 2018 deadline. The 100 Thieves team were ranked #11 on Forbes’ list of top 12 of 2018’s World’s most Valuable Esports Companies..