The well-known Brazilian streamer Nobru recently announced a partnership with YouTube to host all of his streaming content there. He is another illustration of a well-known person moving to the platform; he is the first official YouTuber Gaming partner in Brazil.

Nobru has been making waves in the Portuguese-speaking gaming community as one of the most important content creators, even though he may not be well-known in the west.

He is joining a long list of streamers who are switching to YouTube Gaming, but he is leaving his 3.7 million Twitch followers behind.

On June 28, Nobru himself made the announcement in a one-minute video package. In essence, the clip served as a summary of his career path, with his YouTube deal being revealed in the final seconds.

He thought back on his journey, how it all really took off when he started to become popular on Youtube for his gaming videos, and how he would now be going back to the location where it all began.

Shortly after, Lester Chen, the global head of gaming creators for YouTube, verified the information on Twitter. Chen tweeted his excitement about wearing such a large star sign exclusively for the company.

He also emphasized how remarkable Nobru’s ascent to fame has been. One of the most well-known gaming figures in the world, Bruno “Nobru” Goes rose to fame as one of the top Garena Free Fire competitors.

He gained notoriety most notably at the Free Fire World Series in 2019, where he was chosen as the MVP for his efforts on behalf of the Corintians throughout the competition.

Since then, Nobru has established himself as the most well-known gaming icon in the entire country of Brazil. He has also continued to produce content for a number of platforms, made appearances on talk shows, and amassed a wide range of partnerships and sponsorships.

The rivalry between Twitch and YouTube has gotten progressively worse in recent years as a result of numerous well-known streamers moving from Twitch to YouTube.

YouTube has been working hard over the past few months and recently added Sykkuno as another streamer to its roster. In the months and years prior, Dr Disrespect, TimTheTatman, Ludwig, and others made the trade.

If the comments made by Twitch streamer Disguised Toast in May are accurate, more prominent Twitch streamers may also switch to YouTube.

Nobru is the most well-known streamer to date to sign a deal with YouTube, but it appears likely that more notable signings will be made in the near future.