Minecraft community and fans celebrate the victory of the popular Minecraft Streamer Dream after his team that consisted of Quackity, Sapnap and Michaelmcchill have won the Minecraft Championship 15.

Back on July 24th, Minecraft Championship 15 concluded with an astounding victory from Team Red Rabbits. The Team Red Rabbits consists of players such as Dream, Quackity, Sapnap and Michaelmcchill.

For those who didn’t know, The Minecraft Championships or MCC are monthly tournaments held through the Noxcrew. These tournaments feature ten teams comprising four players each who compete in eight different minigames picked by the participants. Minecraft Championship 15 notably saw the debut of Ranboo on Team Pink Parrots so, several fans were hoping for his team’s victory, however, they were disappointed when his team was ultimately outscored by Team Red Rabbits.

The team Yellow Yaks that consists of players such as CaptainSparklez, Seapeekay, JackManifoldTV and Punz, and the Team Red Rabbits have become the highest-scoring teams when the time came to send the top contenders into the final round, Dodgebolt. Team Red Rabbits have managed to sweep the final round, claiming their victory with a clean 3-0 win. This Minecraft Championship 15 tournament marked the second and third victories for teammates such as Dream, Sapnap and Michael. It was the first victory for Quackity, who has been competing consistently since Minecraft Championship 11.

Because of this, a lot of fans from the minecraft community were ecstatic to see a victory from not only Quackity, but Dream as well. Fans happily took to social media to share their congratulations after the astounding victory of Dream and Team Red Rabbits.