The game Apex Legends is blatantly about players competing to be the best. The Apex Predator tier was added to the game’s ranking system primarily for that reason. Only the top 750 players in the world are Apex Predators; there is no predetermined point threshold for players to reach, and there is intense competition for the top spot on the Predator list every season.

The system in the game only has one glaring flaw: there is no way to access the current list of Predators within the game itself.

In fact, players must use third-party websites in order to calculate their distance from the leaderboard’s top spot or the amount of RP they will need to accumulate in order to reach the Predator rank, but one Apex fan wants to change that by developing a Twitch extension that enables viewers to view the Predator list exactly as it appears in real-time.

The extension was made by Twitch user bryes and is accessible for download and activation there.

When a streamer has the extension downloaded and turned on, their viewers can scroll through the entire list of Apex Predators and see the players’ names, ranks, the number of RP they have, and even whether or not they are currently participating in any games. Additionally, viewers can check the “Active Matches” tab to see if the Predators are participating in a ranked match right now. The Active Matches tab will display a group of Predators if more than one of them are participating in the same ranked match.

Given that each streamer must enable the extension on their own channels in order for viewers to use the feature, it isn’t a perfect substitute for having an in-game screen where players can view the rankings of the best players in the world.

However, it does a fantastic job of taking data from a third-party website in this case, Apex Legends Status and making it simple to access for people who are merely trying to watch a stream and support their preferred players.