YouTube star Herschel Beahm IV AKA “Dr Disrespect” recently announced his breakup with Esports Awards in one of his recent livestreams, citing their decision to completely censor the streamer in order to comply with Twitch’s rules on showing banned streamers during the event.

For the uninitiated, the Esports Awards is an annual award ceremony in which individuals from the esports industry are recognized in a variety of categories.

Dr Disrespect was nominated as a finalist for the ‘Streamer of the Year’ Award this year. However, because the event was broadcast live on Twitch, the Esports Awards bowed to Twitch’s rules and removed the 39-year-nomination old’s from the stream. Needless to say, the doctor was not pleased.

Dr. Disrespect slammed Esports Awards for censoring him at the event after a fan asked if he had received his award, saying that they had a good run with Esports Awards. At this point, don’t even bring up the Doc after this last one. Don’t post anything about him on social media, don’t do anything. The first year, he was completely dropped, and then this year, he was completely reinstated.

To comply with Twitch’s rules, Dr Disrespect’s gameplay was censored and his audio was muted during the presentation. Streamers are not allowed to include other streamers who have been banned from Twitch in their live streams due to Twitch’s rules.