Adin Ross and Kai Cenat, two Twitch streamers, have come under fire for allegedly engaging in transphobic conduct after a recent video showing the two influencers questioning a woman’s gender went viral.

Ross and Cenat made the decision to go live with two women from Discord for an e-date stream during a stream over the weekend. Ross and Cenat, however, kept wondering whose woman it was as the conversation continued because of her voice and height. Ross insisted “he” be added back to the stream after the two women left, and it appeared that he purposefully misgender one of the women to support his claim. Even after some Redditors clarified that the woman wasn’t trans, the transphobic and hurtful comments infuriated the streaming community.

Although the video was taken down from Twitch, copies of it are still available online. Many people noted that this is not new behavior for either streamer as the footage gained popularity on Reddit and elsewhere. Ross’s usage of homophobic insults in the past was banned by Twitch’s Terms of Service, and as a result, he has been suspended from the streaming service. 

Even Cenat’s channel viewers have accused him of homophobia, pointing out how frequently he takes offense at remarks made by gay people. In relation to gay individuals, he has also made some “questionable remarks.” Many in the streaming industry have characterized the “W community,” which consists of chatty Just Chat streamers, as troublesome and homophobic during the previous few years. 

Others have noted that their viewers are likewise problematic, even if Ross and Cenat are at the focus of the dispute. Many others in the discussion seemed amused by Ross’ deliberate use of the pronoun “he” while referring to the tall woman on his stream.

When Ross introduced trans women into his streams to elicit reactions, his streamers have in the past also referred to them as “he” in their remarks.