Due to a lack of content and storylines that players may not enjoy, Fortnite may be experiencing a dry spell right now. There is, however, no shortage of drama among the streamers who play the game on their channels. Where popular streamers such as Ninja and Fresh recently exchanged some words but as fellow streamer SypherPK points out, it’s not really a war of words.

SypherPK discussed the back-and-forth between two of his fellow Fortnite teammates in his most recent video. Despite the fact that the creators’ fanbase has started a war, Sypher believes it is all for naught.

Ninja recently commented on Fresh’s recent War Effort challenge, in which he asked his fans to choose the Combat Shotgun over the Boogie Bomb. By choosing the Combat Shotgun over the Boogie Bomb, Ninja called out Fresh for being against funny content creation. Fresh later responded by discussing his reasons for choosing the Combat Shotgun. He mentioned that Fortnite’s weapons currently have a good loot pool. The game wouldn’t be drastically altered by the Combat Shotgun. Boogie Bombs, on the other hand, will allow sweaty players to troll with it.

SypherPK, who was present when Ninja made his remarks about Fresh’s choice, added his two cents to the conversation. He stated that people shouldn’t look into it too deeply because he believes Ninja was merely trolling and amusing himself. He stated that it is not a major issue, but rather a minor issue that has been exaggerated by the fans.

He also pointed out that not everyone took Fresh and Ninja’s conversation seriously. He assumed they weren’t trying to agitate each other, and that their comments about each other’s choices in the War Effort challenge meant they genuinely cared about Fortnite. They have no intention of causing a ruckus; they simply have a lot of love for a game that has given them so much.

Finally, many of the streamers’ fans share a similar perspective on the situation. As they continue to create content for Fortnite, both players are attempting to improve it. As a result, it’s better if people don’t exaggerate minor disagreements.