Twitch streamer Shroud recently talked about the addition of weapon bloom in Battlefield 2042, saying that it doesn’t feel very good and the rewards worse players.

Shroud addressed weapon bloom in Battlefield 2042 in a stream. In EA’s latest game, the feature – which adds uncontrollable weapon spread to make weapons less accurate – has sparked debate.

He said that they don’t have to change it; and that they can leave it as is, and made it sure that he will still play it. He also said that it’s strange, but he doesn’t agree with making better players worse.

The shooter Battlefield 2042 isn’t the only one to bring weapon bloom back. Call Of Duty: Vanguard also brought back weapon bloom, which was revealed last week. The bloom of a weapon can be reduced in Vanguard by using attachments to improve the accuracy statistic.

Shroud also stated earlier this month that New World players may have to wait “years” for mounts to be added to the MMO. Shroud said it would take “a couple of years” to add them in because the game appears to be “[built] for travel on foot and teleportation.”

In other news, Amazon Game Studios has stated that creating a minimap for New World is currently not a “high priority.” However, the developer has stated that installing and using third-party minimap mods, which some players already do, will not result in punishment.