Indiefoxx, a controversial streamer on Twitch, is no stranger to streaming difficulties, having lost her entire viewer base in a matter of months. Following back-to-back bans on Twitch earlier this year, one of which had huge consequences, the streaming platform stripped her of her partner status and permanently banned her.

Now, Indiefoxx finally updated fans with a humorous clip on Twitter after months of not broadcasting. And it appears like she will be the next streamer to join YouTube Gaming.

After Twitch decided to keep her content off the platform, YouTube Gaming sent her a contract and a “home,” according to Indiefoxx’s video on Twitter. Her first stream will take place on October 9th, according to her. This isn’t the first time Indiefoxx has appeared on YouTube. She used to upload movies of clips from her streams to the platform when she was streaming. She even has videos from four years ago in which she sang cover songs and gave viewers self-help tips.

Her shift to YouTube Gaming made her the first major streamer who wasn’t primarily focused on gaming. Indiefoxx’s ASMR streaming will be new territory, given the platform’s name, YouTube Gaming.

Indiefoxx has engaged in a range of online activities, including singing, ASMR, and other lifestyle-related content. She’s amassed quite a talent pool for herself. During her tenure on Twitch, though, she rarely talked about her gaming abilities. While this could indicate that she’ll try her hand at gaming, it’s more probable that YouTube Gaming is expanding its talent pool to include streamers who produce a variety of content.

However, this new content will be coming from a streamer that Twitch found problematic enough to ban entirely. That being said, YouTube Gaming and Twitch have different terms of service and different ways that they handle age restrictions.

Gaming on YouTube is becoming more popular. With big-name broadcasters such as DrDisrespect, TimTheTatman, DrLupo, Valkyrae, CouRage, and now Indiefoxx, the platform may be able to compete with Twitch. Every day, it appears that more and more streamers are choosing to support a streaming platform.