A former competitive player Shroud was added to SentinelsVALORANT roster. The announcement happily surprised the streaming and esports industries. Before the dust had time to settle on that news, the group has another significant announcement for its followers. For its VALORANT roster, Sentinels has now added former Version1 player Zellsis.

The esports community was shocked by the news once more, and fans did not hold back in sharing their excitement. After putting on a strong performance in the VCT Stage 2 Masters in 2021, Sentinels fell short of the expectations of the fans in 2022. The American organization, however, is making every effort to reshape its roster in order to lead to victory as VCT LCQ approaches.

In an effort to succeed, the company recently announced on Twitter that it had added former Version1 star Zellsis to its VALORANT roster. The Sentinels’ VALORANT roster as of Zellsis’ signing are:

Kanpeki, TenZ, Zellsis, ShahZam, dapr, and Shroud.

Fans were completely shocked by the signing, and they flooded the Twitter post to congratulate the player for joining such a reputable company. In order to spread the word and express gratitude to his supporters, Zellsis himself used his Twitter account.

The team still has about a month before the competition to choose which players make it to the final 5. With the current roster, it seems like Sentinels is going all-out to secure their spot in the VCT LCQ. Fans, however, think they might witness Sentinels’ return to its former glory with the current roster.