Rubén “Rubius” Gundersen pre-released Karmaland V, the most recent episode of his hugely popular Minecraft series, and broke his all-time peak viewership record on Twitch. The Spanish star reached 381,600 concurrent viewers during the stream, which is nearly eight times more than the 50,914 viewers per stream he’s averaged over the previous month.

Numerous viewers tuned in to what was supposed to be the premiere only to hear Rubius announce that it had been postponed to July 10th due to server issues, because of the intense buildup during the pre-premiere stream, the premiere the following day only attracted 326,800 concurrent viewers, missing the record by 54,800.

Karmaland revolves around Spanish Minecraft streamers coexisting in a village called “Karmaland” where they face challenges and need to complete missions and objectives.

0’Nine people, including Alexby11, Fargan, LOLITOFDEZ, Luzu, Mangel, Rubius, StaXx, Vegetta777, and Willyrex, have so far been officially announced as members. Auronplay and Ibai, two platform superstars, might also make unannounced appearances.

The series’ overwhelming popularity has also contributed to Minecraft’s ascent in terms of peak viewership on Twitch. The most viewers were watching it at once—755,349—than any other game in July 2022.

After the AGLS Championship set new platform viewership records, Apex Legends came in second with 510,219 viewers, with the main Twitch channel of the battle royale game reaching 213,000 at one point.

These impressive numbers demonstrate once more that streamers’ star power knows no bounds, particularly when they band together to carry out large-scale collaborations like Karmaland.