A number of streaming celebrities, including Sykkuno attended the three-day convention, which is currently underway at Anime Expo 2022.

Sykkuno discussed some of his experiences from Ludwig‘s Mogul Money Live and the Anime Expo during a recent Among Us and Valorant stream.

He talked about meeting several people who were interested in taking pictures with him even though they were not familiar with his streaming content. The former Twitch streamer set up a small test to determine which fans were eligible for photos after being ambushed by hordes of “fake fans” who wanted to take photos with him.

After appearing on Ludwig’s Mogul Money Live, the native of Las Vegas hosted one of his typical six-hour streams.

The YouTuber talked about some of the highlights of his time at Anime Expo 2022 while he and his friends were playing Among Us. He mentioned how he was easily recognized by some fans at the OfflineTV booth due to his close ties to the other streamers in the group.

Some attendees at the convention would see fans taking photos with well-known streamers and ask to join them, even though they didn’t know much about the streamer.

Later, Sykkuno noticed that some unfamiliar convention attendees looked him up on Google to learn more about him. The GTA 5 RP gamer addressed this by asking a straightforward question of fans who wanted to take pictures with him.

Sykkuno found it amusing that some of these individuals were unaware that he was a gamer.

The 30-year-old streamer concluded by saying that he preferred to prioritize his devoted audience over taking pictures with strangers and that he wasn’t interested in doing so.

Sykkuno was one of the most well-known variety gamers on Twitch before he started exclusively streaming on YouTube Gaming. He had more than four million followers and an average audience of 20,000 viewers.