During the Courage and Nadeshot show on Thursday, Nadeshot, a co-founder and co-owner of 100 Thieves, spoke out in support of Valkyrae.

Nadeshot, who has been publicly supportive of Rae but generally quiet on this issue so far, finally spoke out specifically to defend her, calling her a “target.”

Valkyrae is embroiled in a scandal over her involvement with the RFLCT skincare brand, which claims to protect your skin from blue light damage, despite the fact that the science behind blue light hurting your skin is dubious. Valkyrae claimed to have seen the research but was unable to show it to her fans, worsening the situation.

Nadeshot remarked on the broadcast, “She told me about this idea a year and a half ago. I don’t know a goddamn thing about blue light, I know people have sold blue light glasses, maybe blue light affects your eyes differently than your skin. But for me that doesn’t know anything about the beauty industry except for all the things you just said, they advertise that this skin product will make you stop aging and no one bats an eye.”

He then went on to say; “I think Rae was just a target. Everyone in the gaming industry just looks every week to find something they are going to be mad about to talk about on social media. I think Rae got the brunt on it.”

Nadeshot revealed that he has been on vacation and away from social media for the past week, thus it has taken him this long to comment on the scandal. He said, “I cannot believe the level of scrutiny she received for something that happens every single day in every industry that has ever existed.”

Rae’s friends were also criticized by Nadeshot and Courage for failing to support Rae and RFLCT, meaning that creators are obligated to support their friends regardless of what they are selling or the claims they are making.

Rae has been under fire for this product for over a week. Rae told Ludwig in leaked DMs on Wednesday evening that she was searching for a way out of her contract with RFLCT after learning that the company has no plans to provide the research behind their products to the public. While some, such as Ludwig and Nadeshot, have been encouraging, others, such as Pokimane, Hasan, and many others, have slammed Rae’s participation in RFLCT.