Twitch streamer Pokimane has recently been praised by the entire community for revealing herself as the co-founder of RTS, a new talent management and brand consultancy firm. However, fellow streamer Chance Morris aka Sodapoppin didn’t seem to be quite impressed by the announcement as he called it ‘boring’.

Pokimane recently revealed that the biggest announcement of her career would be made on October 27th, leaving the entire community on tenterhooks. Pokimane used Twitter to announce her new venture to the rest of the world.

But then Twitch streamer revealed how he was eagerly waiting for the announcement, mainly because Pokimane made it sound like a pretty enormous deal. He did, however, express his disappointment with her RTS pronouncement.

He was unimpressed, stating that the announcement was “big” but “boring.” Here’s what he stated; “I was looking forward to her announcement because she made it such a big deal, like…’biggest announcement of my career’. And I won’t lie, this is boring. So from that perspective, I’m disappointed. However, this is interesting, this is big and it is boring.”

Sodapoppin revealed what he was expecting out of the announcement and struggled to hold back laughter. He proceeded to giggle as he mentioned how Pokimane quitting streaming would have been a big and humorous announcement.