Twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc has recently stated that he could stop Twitch streaming at any time if he so desired.

xQc is one of the few significant personalities in the streaming industry who did not join the mass migration to YouTube Gaming in September. He even mentioned that he has a two-year exclusivity deal with Twitch.

xQc was recently interviewed on the podcast ‘The CouRage and Nadeshot Show,’ where he was asked if he would ever stop streaming. The streamer said yes, and that it would be on the table if he ever got tired of streaming.

Here’s what he stated; “I think until I don’t enjoy it anymore. My chat kinda gets weirded out when I say this, and some people don’t believe me either. I always tell them, if I feel this isn’t it anymore, I’ll quit so fast you can’t see me. It could be tomorrow, it could be in ten years.”

xQc went on to explain to him that the fact that he enjoys what he does is what makes his work enjoyable for viewers. So, if he loses interest in what he does and no longer feels passionate about it, it’s pretty much dead to him. He added; “I want to share the passion with people. If I don’t have the passion, how can I translate that passion to people? I don’t want to make them watch something that I don’t feel like doing. It’s almost like I’m scamming people.”

On the broadcast, the former Overwatch pro revealed that he had ideas outside of streaming as well, such as acting or gaming shows, to add additional components to his work. As a result, it’s probable he’s already pondered abandoning full-time Twitch streaming. Given how entertaining xQc’s live streams can be, there’s no doubt that his devoted fans will follow him into whatever area he chooses after his Twitch days are through.