The streaming community has been concerned about Sykkuno after a few recent streams indicate that the popular content creator may be undergoing significant changes.

During a stream over the weekend, Sykkuno began crying as he thanked his friends for making his stream “great,” adding that it made him want to stream even more, but his morose delivery and tears left fans perplexed as to why he was crying while saying so. The chat started sending him hearts and encouraging messages to keep streaming.

After his recent emotional streams, Sykkuno’s fans are growing concerned about the streamer. His close friends have also been acting a little more wholesome than usual when it comes to their friendship with Sykkuno. Fans are perplexed as to why everyone appears to be depressed.

In Minecraft, YouTube Queen Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter left a message for Sykkuno that had the community in tears, but it wasn’t just a touching moment. Many people believed there was a hidden message. Some fans speculated that this could indicate Sykkuno’s departure from Twitch in favor of YouTube.

With the rumor of a YouTube switch unlikely to be the cause of all the happy tears, fans were left to speculate on other less hopeful possibilities.

According to one rumor, Sykkuno may be taking a long break. He might even be retiring entirely. Sykkuno has previously abandoned streaming. He once took a four-year break from his career. It’s possible that he’s grown tired of creating content and is pursuing a different career path.

Another is Sykkuno’s illness. It appears dramatic to fans following Sykkuno on social media as big streamers like Imane “Pokimane” Anys and Valkyrae continue to tell him how proud he is and how much he has grown.

Some have speculated that he is terminally ill and on the verge of death. Others agreed that believing Sykkuno was dying was a bit extreme. It’s possible that Sykkuno is simply bored by the lack of new games and Among Us hype. Sykkuno is a casual streamer who isn’t seen playing popular competitive games very often. But everyone thought he was a little too emotional for someone who had simply decided to take a break because he was bored.

During his stream, Sykkuno himself wondered if he “had a terminal illness” after seeing how upset his friends were.

Another option is that Sykkuno is on the move. Los Angeles is home to many of the top streamers with whom he collaborates. Sykkuno has been rumored to be moving before, with some claiming Las Vegas. While not far from Los Angeles, Sykkuno would be separated from his friends, who he is used to seeing almost daily.

Fans are left wondering what is going on with Sykkuno for the time being. Is he making the switch to YouTube? Is it possible to stop streaming entirely? Is he leaving his friends behind? The streamer will most likely update fans at some point.