Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren‘s amusing encounter with his streamer girlfriend Blaire “QTCinderella” has had viewers in tears because of laughter.

The streamer took the stage to hold a “Try Not to Laugh Challenge,” with his viewers as judges. Ludwig was compelled to wax his mustache after losing multiple times. In desperate need of help, he dialed QTCinderella’s number. Her response to his request, on the other hand, was rather odd, causing considerable confusion and laughter among his followers.

Ludwig conducted a Twitch live stream challenge recently. The content creator had to sit through a series of hilarious video compilations while trying to keep his laughing in check. He’d have to wax a part of his body every time he failed. Ludwig was charged with waxing his mustache when he broke down during a video of a motorcycle rider tossing eggs at a car ahead of them an hour into the stream and several used wax strips later.

Unfortunately for him, the wax strip he used only removed a small amount of hair from his top lip. The Twitch streamer, confused and in pain, called QTCinderella for assistance. He immediately asked her if she could come help him after she picked up the phone. Without any context to the question he posed, his girlfriend was a bit perplexed and replied, “Yo, you need any toilet paper?”

Ludwig and his live stream chat were both laughing hysterically at the response. Ludwig replied that he was now streaming and needed assistance waxing his mustache.

Because of this, Ludwig then informed QTCinderella that her questioning made him appear as if he used toilet paper frequently, a reference to the initial occurrence. She replied that that was the only time he has ever contacted her on her phone, since he usually calls her over Discord while the two are broadcasting.

Everything worked out in the end, as she rushed to his assistance to remove the stray hair from the initial failed attempt.

This isn’t the first time something similar has happened. During Ludwig’s subathon live stream earlier this year, he called QTCinderella and requested for assistance with something, to which she quickly responded, “Do you need toilet paper?”

Ludwig soon informed her that he was streaming, which made her burst out laughing.