Despite the online excitement that the game has sparked since its release, one of the most popular YouTube gaming streamers Dr Disrespect has knocked down demands for him to play New World, stating to his massive YouTube followers that he has no interest in playing the famous Amazon MMO RPG “for even five seconds.”

After its release on September 28, New World has been the talk of the gaming world for the past few weeks, despite the massive Twitch data breach. Twitch and YouTube stars have flocked to Aeternum to play Amazon’s ambitious World of Warcraft rival since then. As more players got their hands on the MMO RPG and braved the lengthy queues, reviews began to pour in: Shroud advised that it’s “not for casuals,” while Asmongold simply called it “boring.”

Dr Disrespect, on the other hand, is adamant that he has “no interest at all” in playing it, despite the fact that it is sweeping the internet. 

Dr. Disrespect has been unsure about what to stream lately. Warzone, his favorite game, is plagued by hackers and experiencing a content stall ahead of Vanguard. For a time, Doc turned to Apex Legends, but that, too, faded. He’s also shown interest in Battlefield and Halo, but neither game has been released yet.

Despite this, he declares that he will “never” play New World as he stated; “Yeah New World, I can’t watch five seconds of that. I just can’t play that game for even five seconds. I can’t sit in my seat, and watch someone chop trees and bricks. Everyone runs around with fifty million other people trying to update levels by zero-point-five percent that is casted to the end of their stick that lets them do electrical charges on some sort of wolf creature on the east side of the map.” 

This isn’t the first time Dr Disrespect has expressed his dislike for MMORPGs; in the midst of the WoW Classic hype in 2019, the two-time vowed he’d “never” play the popular Blizzard game.