During a recent stream, twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc had his say towards streamers such as HasanAbi, Ludwig, and Mizkif as he says that they are being “PR Andy’s,” for siding to the public opinions in order to look that they were in the good side.

The controversy surrounding the twitch gambling meta has fueled up even more when H3H3Productions’ Ethan Klein re-joined Twitch and has his say on the matter on his stream. During the said stream, Ethan Klein was with other biggest streamers on the platform including Adin Ross, Hasan, Mizkif and Trainwrecks where they discussed their involvement in the controversial gambling streams on the platform.

Since then, the gambling streams have become once again a heated debate between streamers and viewers. Twitch streamer xQc eventually got involved in Ethan Klein’s next podcast after he responds to Ethan’s criticism stating that even though he stopped and hates gambling streams now, it is not right to call them scams.

Now, during a recent stream, xQc once again has his say on the matter as he took a swipe at Hassan, Ludwig, Mizkif, and other streamers and describe them as “PR Andy’s.” xQc claimed that these streamers only defended him when it suited them and he also accused them of telling small and tiny lies to look like they’re on the good side of any given issue, and people eat it up.

Here’s what he said; “I hate it when you guys say somebody is on my side. He’s defending you. I hate it when people do that. It’s really, really dumb. It’s appalling that people can’t see PR Andy’s these days. I hate it. I’m just going to say it. A lot of people are literally PR Andy’s.” xQc’s stance has received mixed reactions from the netizens. It is not the first time that he’s butted heads with some streamers, however, they will surely find a way to patch things up.