MMORPG sensation World of Warcraft creator Blizzard was disparaged by a management firm early in the career of Twitch streamer Sodapoppin, who goes by the handle Chance.

Chance was asked if he had beta access for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King while deciding what to play in a recent livestream.

He continued by saying that Blizzard’s designers never granted him beta access to any of their games until he pleaded for it. Chance thought back to a time when he was a popular Twitch streamer and missed out on the beta access to the first Overwatch game.

He also remembered a time when a management company had asked him to create a Diablo 3 video, but the video was never released. He remembered why and mentioned what the management company had said to him.

The Twitch streamer believes that a coworker has a personal grudge against him and has attempted to harm his chances of being added to the Overwatch beta rollout list. He also discussed his early days, when he received his first sponsorship to play Diablo 3’s brand-new “Crusader Class.”

A management company reportedly hired Sodapoppin and Nmplol to record a video of the crusader class, and they carried it out. But when the release date came, they changed their minds.

Fans responded to Sodapoppin’s claims by pointing out how tense and toxic the gaming community used to be at the time the events in question occurred. One Redditor complained that the top WoW streamer was rude to the Blizzard staff and made inappropriate comments about them.

One Redditor expressed sympathy for the former War of Warcraft pro and described the grudge as being motivated by “social media envy.”

Although many fans have argued that the streamer himself engaged in unethical behavior against the company, Sodapoppin’s comments on Blizzard have undoubtedly raised suspicions about the video game industry behemoth