Dr Disrespect is a well-known social media personality who is known for his intense gaming skills in competitive battles in a variety of popular online games. Although Call of Duty Warzone is his main focus, he’s also a fantastic Apex Legends player. The latter is a rapidly expanding battle royale around the world.

Nickmercs, a member of the FaZe Clan, is another hugely popular streaming figure in Apex Legends. He recently had a long-awaited confrontation with none other than Dr Disrespect, who had previously mocked him about a possible showdown. However, the context of that incident was different.

However, in the recent feud between these two streamers, Nickmercs was able to settle the score with Dr Disrespect. Not to mention the fact that the outcome was harsh for the latter.

On his YouTube channel, the streamer recently posted a video. It featured the ultimate showdown between him and Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, and many fans were eager to see what would happen when Dr Disrespect faced off against a tough opponent like Nick.

According to the actual in-game clip shared by a member of the FaZe Clan, the Doc couldn’t hold up. Nickmercs brutally eliminated him with his entire squad during an intense Apex Legends battle. That is exactly what happened in this head-to-head match.

Nickmercs was progressing in an Apex Legends online match with his teammates when Dr Disrespect spotted him and attempted to fire lethal shots from afar. Nickmercs quickly avoided them while healing himself, but it was then up to the latter to give Doc a dose of his own medicine.

With Dr Disrespect, the FaZe Clan star streamer wasted no time in stretching it out. He was using his Shield Cell when he was taken out by him. Herschel’s fate was sealed after he was brutally shot down by Nick.

Nickmercs went on to win the match after his epic win over the Doc, as his squad claimed the ‘Champions’ title. The streamer scored four kills, seven assists, and four knocks.

Returning to the unbelievable moment, it was unquestionably incredible for all Apex Legends fans. After all, they finally got their wish: Nickmercs vs. Dr Disrespect, with the latter emerging as a helpless foe.