One of the most popular content creators on Twitch, Tyler1, is well known for playing League of Legends nonstop.

But Tyler1 claims he “cannot do it” any more unless things changes after a long week of League games being destroyed by opponents purposefully losing his games. Tyler1’s Twitch broadcasts over the past nine days have decreased from an average of 11 to 14 hours to just six. His League games have become so awful that stream lengths have drastically decreased. According to Tyler1, he regularly has to deal with “wintraders” who deliberately lose his matches.

Tyler1 said; “That concludes this dogshit fucking week. Hopefully, I get an interview this weekend and I can make a little video about wintrading or whatever, hopefully. Because this shit is not sustainable, I cannot do this, it’s not possible. I cannot play these games. This is probably the worst its been for me since I don’t know when. I don’t know when I couldn’t play League for more than six hours.” 

Tyler1 has a remedy even if his position appears hopeless and “not sustainable.” He only needs Riot Games’ assistance. 

Tyler1 continued; “The thing that’s so annoying is it’s like solvable things. It just takes Riot like banning the guys in my games that are betting or whatever,” 

Tyler1 hasn’t said anything more about whether or not he genuinely intends to step away from League, but based on the reaction to his most recent broadcast, something clearly needs to change for the 27-year-old.