The co-founder of streaming competitor Kick asserted that it has become more difficult to close new transactions as a result of the allegedly overstated numbers streamers post on social media.

Kick, a streaming platform, has recently made significant strides in the streaming industry. Rivals to Amazon-owned Twitch, they have signed a number of well-known streamers and introduced a number of high-profile initiatives in an effort to lure other users away. Kick has also signed well-known creators like xQc, Amouranth, and Adin Ross to the platform. In addition to the numerous streamers transferred from Twitch, Kick has offered streamers a significantly higher revenue split, enticing even more to join. 

Many people who have switched over since then have come out to share the amount of money promised in their contract. According to Train, several of these assertions appear to have been greatly inflated, which has complicated negotiations with new content creators. While the allegations made by Kick streamers are excellent for media attention for advertising objectives, according to Trainwreck, they are really damaging talks for other creators.

He said; “I think the numbers people say they are getting is really f***ing up negotiations for other creators. Whether it be mid or large creators. Obviously, small creators we work toward discoverability and fair features that pay them out with what they deserve. But some of these numbers people are saying bro… I don’t even know. Like it’s good advertising but it’s f***ing up a lot of other negotiations. Because everyone’s thinking ‘Well how did he get this I’m 3x his size?’ It’s like, he didn’t get that, he got one-tenth of that. What do you mean? Okay, you want 3x the one-tenth?”

Despite these apparent obstacles, Kick continues to expand as a streaming competitor to Twitch, indicating that the competition between the two sites is still very much active.