When someone tried to take his wallet as he was walking the streets of Thailand, Twitch streamer MeesterKeem managed to catch them in the act.

Being an IRL streamer entails encountering bizarre situations and interesting characters while live streaming. There’s virtually no way to predict what can occur on an IRL stream, from positive fan interactions to racist or abusive encounters. But because it’s unpredictable, it’s exciting and one of the most popular Twitch genres. Nevertheless, when wandering the streets of Thailand late at night, Twitch streamer MeesterKeem encountered one of the more sinister sides of IRL streaming. Keem was out late in Thailand’s streets after spending the day with pals. He came met a fairly pushy person who tried to get to know him while on his way back home.

MeesterKeem sought to leave as soon as he recognized the person was acting fairly dubious. They persisted nevertheless, keeping up with him and making different attempts to catch him. Before too much more transpired, Keem recognized what was going on and drew himself away.

The person had, however, been able to pickpocket Keem’s wallet at that same moment. Thankfully, Keem became aware of their theft and asked for his stuff back. As a result, Keem was able to save all of his possessions and was able to return securely to his hotel without running into any more unsettling characters. Nonetheless, Keem’s interaction with this person has sparked discussion about IRL streamers and their safety while streaming, with comments talking about how safe they feel. Other users noted that lately, streamers have felt overly secure while doing live broadcasts, thinking that nothing could possibly go wrong because everything would be captured on stream.

Similar claims have been made that IRL streamers are becoming far too reckless, pointing out that Keem was in a relatively isolated and dark region and should have anticipated this sort of event happening. Keem, on the other hand, appeared to be handling the situation pretty calmly, even complimenting the burglar on how “slick” they were the entire time.