Call of Duty Warzone allegedly shadow blacklisted Twitch streamer Nadia. While Nadia’s account is being checked for possible cheating, the game does not ban her but does not enable her to play.

Days into their continuing dispute, Call of Duty streamer Nadia allegedly received a shadow ban after being accused of cheating at the CoD Next tournament by Censor. After Censor, an aspiring Call of Duty League player, compiled a list of alleged cheaters in Warzone, conflict broke out inside the Call of Duty community. Popular Twitch streamer Nadia was on the censors’ list because she was allegedly caught hacking at the CoD Next event, although the source of this allegation was later shown to be a joke. 

The conflict between the two creators over the alleged infidelity persisted, but it was finally resolved when Censor made a video in which he playfully proposed to Nadia. The argument seemed to go down after Nadia rejected Censor’s suggestion, but it rapidly flared back up when Nadia claimed she had been shadow banned during a livestream on October 4. Nadia abruptly said that she thought she had been shadow banned from the game when she dropped into a Warzone lobby. It is unknown how Nadia supposedly arrived to this conclusion, but she seemed to confirm it when she realized she was ineligible to contest the ban since her games were being examined.

When a player is shadow banned for Warzone, they are put in a separate group of players away from the usual servers but are still allowed to access lobbies. Nadia is still able to play Warzone, but as she might be playing alongside other cheats or hackers, the quality of the game as a whole may suffer significantly. 

The cause of Nadia’s ostensible shadow ban is yet unknown. It’s possible that the streamer was under investigation because of recent allegations, but it’s also perfectly likely that because Nadia has played Warzone from five separate places in the past week, the streamer was automatically marked as a suspect.

It’s possible that Nadia’s use of a VPN or other similar software was automatically detected by Warzone’s anti-cheat system while she was streaming from the TSM, FaZe, Nuke Squad, and Full Squad gaming houses and offices. The account of Nadia is still being examined.