Numerous Twitch creators and viewers have accused Twitch streamer ItsSliker of borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars and foregoing making payments on his obligations for months.

On September 17th, a former Team Liquid streamer named ItsSliker asked for money in a video that was shared by Twitch user Mikelpee. Sliker alleges in the video that his bank account had been locked for roughly three to four days and that his credit score was in jeopardy.

The streamer acknowledged that he was looking for viewers as well as other content creators who could lend him money, offering to repay his creditors in two months. Redditor 0161MannyOnTheMap added a number of Discord logs underneath the video, which rapidly went viral on the Livestream Fails forum and supported the first report. Sliker is shown soliciting money and disclosing his alleged bank account position throughout the numerous records. The Redditor made note of one person who sent Sliker more than $7,000 between August 30, 2021, and January 4, 2022.

Lukeafk, a YouTuber and streamer, acknowledged that he had also loaned Sliker more than $27,000 shortly after the charges surfaced.

Lukeafk said; “This is super embarrassing, but I don’t know what else to do at this point. I lost $27,000 from giving a lend to Sliker. I thought I could trust him and I guess I just couldn’t.”

Sliker appeared on Mikelpee’s channel to quickly discuss the problem and address the audience members who had contributed money to the Twitch streamer. Sliker said in his brief conversation that he had already reimbursed several unknown persons and that his intentions had never been to mislead his viewers. After Sliker’s brief speech, a fellow streamer named Asmongold collected a number of people who said they had paid money to Sliker in an effort to determine how much money Sliker owed. As more streamers, such as Knut, Lacari, and Mizkif, acknowledged to lending Sliker money, Asmongold calculated that the streamer owed well over $200,000. 

Sliker went on stream shortly after giving his opening remarks to acknowledge the severity of his predicament. The streamer acknowledged lying about his original bank account claim and admitting that his borrowed funds were used to maintain his alleged gambling addiction and settle other debts. The Twitch streamer asserted that he borrowed more than $100,000 from other broadcasters, including Trainwrecks, in the course of a single month. 

Sliker has admitted to fooling viewers and still plans to repay the several individuals he owes, despite the fact that his mountain of debt seems impossible.