The Twitch community has recently been engulfed in a high-profile controversy over some streamers’ alleged ties to lucrative Saudi Arabian sponsorship deals.

Twitch as a platform is not unfamiliar with controversy, and the vast number of content producers using the service frequently makes it challenging to keep up with the enormous amounts of drama that ensues. While a streamer’s behavior while live is frequently the cause of drama due to the ensuing bans and suspensions, the sponsorship agreements that a streamer may accept can also be the cause of controversy.

One of the biggest Twitch controversies involving sponsorship occurred recently when several well-known streamers were implicated in a Saudi Arabian gaming sponsorship deal. The disclosure of these links immediately sparked criticism across the board and sparked a wider discussion about the morality and ethics of particular sponsorships that streamers can associate themselves with.

Many of the more important details of the sponsorship agreement are known, despite the fact that many specifics remain unknown. High-profile streamers were given the opportunity to participate in the sponsorship, which required them to travel to Saudi Arabia for a four-day gaming event purportedly centered around the hit Fortnite battle royale game.

Popular Twitch streamer pokelawls was approached about the sponsorship, and while he ultimately decided not to participate, he did read out some of the sponsorship agreement’s terms. The agreement contains numerous social media requirements, such as the requirement that streamers who attend the event publish a number of promotional posts on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, there have been rumors that the sponsorship would pay participating streamers six figures, further escalating the debate over the arrangement.

The deal’s requirement that streamers visit and promote Saudi Arabia—a nation that has recently drawn criticism from around the world for its violations of human rights—is the main cause of controversy.

Many claims that by accepting this sponsorship deal, streamers would be promoting a government that many views as brutal because Saudi Arabia does not abide by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by the UN.

Mizkif, a popular Twitch streamer with over 2 million followers, is one of the most well-known streamers involved in this controversy. Initially enthusiastic about the sponsorship because he saw it as a chance to support a good cause and possibly have a one-of-a-kind experience, Mizkif has since had second thoughts. Mizkif spoke with another Twitch streamer named HasanAbi after learning about the criticism of the sponsorship. HasanAbi informed Mizkif of the controversy surrounding the Saudi Arabian government.

Other well-known streamers are reportedly still involved with the sponsored event, even though Mizkif has since withdrawn from the sponsorship. Emiru, a cosplayer, and League of Legends streamer, is said to have agreed to the sponsorship as well but has since reportedly withdrawn in a manner akin to Mizkif.

Twitch streamer Tfue, who has a sizable online following, is allegedly involved in the sponsored event. Given that Tfue is one of the most popular and successful Fortnite streamers, his alleged involvement with the sponsorship provides insight into the event’s intended scope.

Whether Tfue intends to continue his involvement with the sponsorship or if he will be persuaded to distance himself like his fellow streamers are currently unknown at the time of writing.

As was already mentioned, for many who have been following the controversy, the allegedly high levels of compensation that the sponsorship is offering to streamers have made it much more of an overt morality question. It makes sense why the sponsorship has caused so much angst in the Twitch community when the money in question may be connected to actions that may violate human rights.