Warzone player TheMeatMaker recently posted a Warzone clip on Reddit two days ago. TheMeatMaker and the rest of his team were seen in the video in question completing the zombie easter egg found on the brand-new Fortune’s Keep map for Rebirth and Resurgence.

Mass chaos resulted from what appeared to be a routine easter egg completion. TheMeatMaker was able to spawn more than 10 zombies, creating a hoard that followed them around the map, as opposed to just one zombie.

A new map for the well-liked rebirth resurgence game mode will be available with the new Warzone season. The size, verticality, and incorporation of various easter eggs and secrets in Fortune’s Keep have all improved the previous map Rebirth Island.

The Redditor mentioned that he was able to successfully complete the bug more than once, but he did not provide instructions. TheMeatMaker also briefly mentioned how his team was able to estimate how many zombies would be required to crash the game by repeating the procedure numerous times.