A pro at Fortnite, Cented is no longer a member of the FaZe Clan. He left the company after being heard using a racial slur live on stream.

Fans all over the world had extremely high expectations for Evan “Cented” Barron when he joined the FaZe clan in March 2021. To be fair, he did significantly boost his pro abilities and gain a ton of fans on Twitch and Twitter.

The former Cash Cups champion and finalist in the FNCS, however, was expelled from FaZe Clan for using hate speech.

Cented recently joined Twitch streamer nothellfire1’s party while playing Fortnite and immediately used a racial epithet. He appears to have been unaware that nothellfire1 was streaming live on Twitch.

FaZe immediately announced Cented’s permanent expulsion from the clan for using hate speech after that. The post made it very clear that since the Esports organization is always changing, there is no place for offensive language of any kind.

Soon after, Cented acknowledged on stream that he had used the slur and said he should have known better. The streamer expressed his regret to the Fortnite community and admitted his youth and ignorance.

While some players are shocked that FaZe let Cented go rather than providing him with sensitivity training, others, like well-known leaker HYPEX, did not hold back in letting him know what a mistake he had made.

It’s understandable, to put it mildly, that the Fortnite community has had mixed reactions. People have a right to expect organizations to take corrective action, and they also have a right to demand more maturity from adults like Cented.

Cented has had to deal with consequences before for his rude behavior. Epic Games issued a warning to him back in June 2021 for abusing a young player and irrationally bashing the Battle Royale game on Twitter.

The reputation of Fortnite’s competitive community has significantly deteriorated as a result of incidents like the one described above. The pros are notorious for being toxic and disrespectful, not for being role models.