When MrBeast uploaded the real-life Squid Game video, it took the internet by storm. MrBeast recently won the hearts of his fans when he surprised one of his most ardent fans by offering them a large sum of money. However, there was a snag. The fan had the option of accepting $5000 right away or waiting a year for $15,000. The fan has finally made their decision and has accepted $5000.

Mr Beast creates and shares MrBeast memes on his Twitter page every day. In fact, this fan wishes that the streamer would allow him to appear in a video one day. This ardent supporter recently posted a tweet with a stunning collage of a thousand memes they had created over a long period of time.

As previously stated, this fan has been at it for quite some time. MrBeast praised this fan’s work back in the year 2019, which some fans may not be aware of. In fact, the streamer congratulated the fan and told him to “keep it up.”

That is precisely what occurred. Even though it’s been over two years, the streamer hasn’t forgotten about his most ardent supporter. MrBeast kept his word and responded on the same day that this fan reached 1000 days.

MrBeast ended up offering money to this die-hard fan because the streamer must have seen how passionate this fan was. This fan’s perseverance, hard work, and patience appear to have finally paid off.