CoD veteran who played Modern Warfare 2 before Warzone Swagg recently said that he refuses to give up on the Battle Royale because he still has “love” for the game despite suggestions that he uninstall it and play something else.

There is no denying that interest in the formerly popular game has decreased since Warzone moved to the Pacific in December. In 2022, almost all viewership statistics—from total hours watched to the number of Twitch stars participating in the game—have decreased by half, according to data on SullyGnome.

Whether it’s the harshly criticized Caldera map, performance problems, or various game-breaking bugs, players and many of the most well-known content producers have been leaving in recent months.

While during the height of Warzone’s popularity it was common to see players like NICKMERCS, DrDisrespect, TimTheTatman, and a host of others streaming live on Twitch, most of them have since moved on and only occasionally dip their toes back in.

However, Swagg has no intention of continuing the trend. Ge continues to enjoy the Warzone grind for a very important reason and acknowledged that some people think Warzone is bad. Everyone is telling him to uninstall for a variety of reasons, including the state of the game in Season 4 and the never-ending battle against cheaters.

He frequently receives comments on social media urging him to “stop playing Warzone” and emulate other prominent streamers. While Swagg undoubtedly has his complaints, his passion hasn’t yet been subdued, and claimed to still adore Warzone. He elaborated, citing one specific high-kill victory as the cause.

Together, they totaled 71 kills while dominating Caldera with members of the FaZe Clan‘s Nuke Squad and Cloakzy, eliminating more than half of the lobby by themselves. Games like those, where he’s in top form and cruising through the map while chasing records, are what still draw Swagg in today.

Even though there aren’t many perfect lobbies, what drives him is the pursuit of personal records and world records.

Nobody knows how long that drive will last, but Swagg doesn’t appear eager to leave Warzone anytime soon.