Before partnering with OTK, Twitch stars Mizkif and Esfand both started laughing as they watched ExtraEmily try to mislead her audience.

Twitch streamer ExtraEmily had to take Sunday and Monday off from streaming when she joined OTK as their newest content creator because she needed to record content for the organization. This required her to provide a justification for her absence from her normal schedule to her devoted fans. In the process, it made her look like a terrible liar in a humorous way. 

Her chat questioned her why she would be away over those days, and she answered with a number of explanations while apparently reading off a list and speaking in a forced manner. Her made-up justifications ranged widely, from needing to register her car on Sunday to opening a P.O. Box on Monday. At the last minute, she even tacked on the lie by saying that she was “also sick.” She continued to say that she was definitely “busy” and that she even “needed to clean her room” as soon as she had finished naming all of those things.

By the day after her OTK announcement, Mizkif and Esfand had linked to the clip, and as they watched ExtraEmily try to lie to her chat, they were unable to control their emotions. They watched the clip and detected an issue right away. Mizkif and Esfand merely kept asking how someone could be this awful at lying as she continued to make excuses. Mizkif humorously remarked; “bro, you did not just list five excuses just to take off for two days.”

Since it was widely rumored at the time that ExtraEmily was joining the organization, one viewer responded, “Congrats on OTK,” as her talk was so plainly not sold by her lying. She was actually their newest member, it turned out.