When filming a video of herself resting on the beach, Twitch broadcaster TheNicoleT was accosted during an in-person stream and informed she has “no self f**king respect.”

Nicole’s phone was knocked out of her grasp by her harassers as the situation worsened. IRL broadcasts, where artists record their travels from around the world to nearby, continue to be among the most well-liked types of content on the network. 

Of course, the issue with live broadcasting in real life is that anything can happen at any time, beyond the control of the broadcaster. Over the years, there have been many bizarre events, from phones being stolen to streamers saving drivers from onfire vehicles. Twitch streamer TheNicoleT was sitting on her blanket at the beach during a recent beach broadcast when some beach goers walked up to her and started yelling at her. “We know what you are doing is disgusting” while another asked at the same time “how old are you”

A male voice can be heard in the background defending Nicole as she just laughs off their first comments, saying, “she’s at the beach in a swimsuit talking on her phone.”

The two people who approached Nicole then become angrier and more combative, saying that she is “shaking her ass,” and one of them then shouts, “Did you not hear what he said, making money,” as the other speaks up. Nicole then asks them “Why are you guys so mad” to which they reply, “because there are kids here I’m sure their parents don’t want to watch it and those people literally left because of you. You have no self-morals, you have no self f**king respect, f**k your f**king video b**ch.” They then whack the camera away from her hand, where it flips upright and onto the sand. 

Once she has the phone in her hand, Nicole can be seen grinning at the camera and saying, “God damn.”