After asking a Burger King staff to lick his food to add some “spice” to it, Twitch streamer “CookSux” has come under fire.

A streamer went far, but drive-thru pranks have been taking place for years with all kinds of absurd interactions involving patrons and staff at eateries. It’s not unusual for an order to come with a particular request. Oftentimes, customization options include omitting some toppings or substituting more expensive ones. However, not many establishments are likely to authorize the use of staff saliva. 

CookSux made a ridiculous request on a recent broadcast while using the Burger King drive-thru, making the person receiving his order queasy. The streamer and the employee initially appeared to click when he made jokes that made her laugh and she responded by making jokes of her own. 

He inquired about alternative chicken fries, such as Cheetos or Doritos, which prompted the worker to make light of the fact that he was in a Burger King rather than a Taco Bell. When the Burger King employee asked CookSux if he wanted anything additional with his lunch after placing his order, the streamer lost no time in making her feel awkward. He questioned, “Would it be more spicy if you licked it? I don’t know why I said that.”

“That’s nasty!” the woman replied. “I don’t either. Second window!”

The comments also affected CookSux’s conversation, causing him to write “yikes” while wincing from second-hand shame, which forced the streamer to admit his error. “That’s harassment,” he admitted. “I should say I’m sorry.”

Fortunately, despite the embarrassment, the situation was resolved when he spoke to her at the next window and apologized for the “horrible joke.” Although it’s unknown if the staff actually complied with the request and licked the streamer’s meal, considering the silliness of the entire incident, it’s unlikely the streamer will do that the next time he visits a BK.