The most recent content creator to conquer the incredibly difficult platformer Jump King, VTuber Usada Pekora finally able to reach the game’s highest peak after a 26-hour marathon of trial and error.

It’s nothing new for content creators to challenge themselves by attempting to beat difficult games; in fact, an entire genre of content has sprung up around figuring out new ways to finish rage-inducing games like Dark Souls in iconic and creative ways.

Every now and then, a new difficult trend will sweep Twitch and YouTube, such as the mind-numbing 2D platformer Jump King, which has pushed a fair number of content creators to the edge with its incredibly difficult gameplay.

Despite the fact that some streamers have given up after numerous failed attempts, others continue in the hopes of tasting the sweet, sweet victory that lies ahead. VTuber Usada Pekora was the most recent creator to complete the Jump King challenge, winning after spending more than 26 hours in the game.

On September 12th, the Japanese content creator found herself on the verge of achieving greatness, with only two final jumps standing between her and a coveted Jump King completion.

The virtual streamer took several deep breaths before launching her 2D avatar into the air, bouncing off a wall and landing on the final block in her path. She launched herself into the air with one final battle cry, landing squarely in the middle of the game’s final platform.

The VTuber had won the ultimate Jump King victory 26 hours later, and Pekora couldn’t contain her joy as she burst into an animated outburst of joy.

Fans on YouTube were also quick to congratulate her on her victory saying that she just proved once again that when it comes to tenacity she is literally second to none and one comment read, noting that the Vtuber had beaten the game despite facing three consecutive runs.

Another viewer confirmed that he/she knew Pekora would do it before praising her commitment to finishing the game saying that she never gave up and that she laughed it off even when it brought her to tears.

Usada Pekora can now be counted among the few who have persevered through hours of frustration and failure to reach the summit of the Jump King mountain. Now all we have to do is wait and see who will be the next brave streamer to take on this soul-crushing title.